Business Connect is proud to share that our influence now spans across 81 countries worldwide, reaching an extensive viewership of 10.5 millions. In this rapidly growing digital realm, our platform has firmly established ourselves among the world's top-tier business magazines. What's more, our organic YouTube subscriber base continues to surge, welcoming 35,000 new online readers each month to our vibrant portfolio.

Our distinguished status as a Government of India-recognized media house has been earned through a relentless commitment to exceptional content quality. Over the years, we have featured more than 7,000 business leaders in an impressive collection of over 10,000 pages of insightful content. This has firmly established our magazine as a front-runner in the media industry.

Moreover, we take pride in engaging with and interviewing the elite of the business world, from top executives to emerging entrepreneurs and key decision-makers across diverse sectors. Our monthly publications serve as a powerful voice for the business community, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), empowering them to reach their target audience and ascend the corporate ladder.

Our magazine's reach extends across 62 industries, shining a spotlight on the unsung heroes in various sub-segments. Our editorial board, composed of seasoned editors with over three decades of experience, ensures that our content is consistently informative, engaging, and insightful. These industry leaders and subject matter experts bring a wealth of diverse perspectives to our publication, enriching the content for our valued readers.

With the evolving times, we've recognized the significance of fostering a community united by shared goals. To this end, we have orchestrated numerous summits, forums, and conferences that have congregated accomplished leaders from diverse industries. These events have not only united business communities but have also drawn dignitaries from Government ministries and embassies, magnifying the impact of Business Connect's initiatives.

Our phenomenal journey continues to be speaking growth, community building, and knowledge sharing. Our promise has always  been to remain dedicated to our readers and the business landscape we serve, striving to provide valuable insights, ideas, and solutions, while offering a platform where leaders from all walks of life contribute to our shared progress.







Visionary Speakers

Our corporate conclaves comprise a group of industry experts and experienced players from various business arenas that offer immense value and support to businesses prevailing in the related niche.

Global Platform

Our corporate conclaves are recognized by 70+ countries across the globe hence, facilitating an international platform to represent and established the brand globally even at the early stage

Bridge To Investors

We introduce giant industry investors with unique and efficient business ventures to bridge the gap between future and fund. Business organizations, especially emerging ones get a platform

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